I would like to comment on the issue of the car keyed whilst parked opposite the toilets at Church Cove, Gunwalloe on the Lizard as I believe the information from the owner of the car to be wholly incorrect.

The owner of the car in question "Mr Charles Roscoe" as published in The Packet is quite incorrect and wrong in his explanation.

The area where the above parked his car for whatever reason is NOT a public parking space, nor is any of the land and gravel track adjacent to or next to the Church Cove toilet facility. There is a National Trust car park approx 100 metres up the road before you reach this point.

There are (TWO) prominent signs that clearly state "NO PARKING BEYOND THIS POINT" one at the entrance to the car park, the other is posted very prominent on the track side opposite the toilets and small cafe very clearly!

Falmouth Packet: Mr Roach's car was parked opposite the toilets when it was keyedMr Roach's car was parked opposite the toilets when it was keyed (Image: Supplied)

Whilst I do not uphold "criminal damage" the driver and owner of this vehicle was parked quite illegally and practically underneath a sign saying so!

I take my dog there regularly and use the car park provided (which is not expensive) and many times see vans / cars parked where Mr Roscoe was. This is simply to avoid car parking fees!

The cafe owner I am aware has asked people not to park there and simply received either abuse or some other excuse. There are none.


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Mr Roscoe needs to get his facts and story correct before accusing others of criminal damage, he himself is the problem. Local people who go there are and use the correct parking facilities are fed up with people who abuse this.

The sign clearly states "NO PARKING access for emergency vehicles and authorised vehicles only"!

So my point is, Mr Roscoe's story is not correct and is misleading in context, if he had used the correct parking area and paid a small fee, it would not have cost him £2,500!

Martin Woodhead