Businesses in Helston have been giving an update on how reopening the town centre to traffic has affected trade.

It is now a week since vehicles have been allowed to re-enter Meneage Street during the day, following three weeks of closure between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday.

The closure was introduced by the town council in an effort to aid social distancing as shops began reopening following lockdown easing.

Due to the narrow pavements in that street, and restrictions on the number of people allowed in shops at any one time, there had been fears people would not be able to keep a two-metre distance without having to step out into the road when passing others.

However, there was concern throughout that period from businesses in the street over a loss of footfall and at the end of the scheduled three weeks the council decided not to continue the closure further. Read the latest statement here

Now a week on, many businesses are reporting a surge in trade again - although it hasn't had a positive effect on all.

One that is celebrating the reopening is Mrs K's Fruit and Veg, which had previously said business had "plummeted" during the closure.

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However, owner Shaunette Kerley told the Packet today: "It's fantastic now. They're all back and we've been mental busy. It's brilliant."

She said trade had doubled in the last week, which meant that fresh stock was now coming in and going out the same day, after she previously reported having to give strawberries away rather than throw them in the bin.

Also seeing a big jump in sales has been Tina Chapman-Daley, owner of Sands Clothing.

She said sales were now comparable to her other shops in Camborne and Hayle, having previously been down year-on-year when the others were on par or seeing double the trade.

Tina said: "I know there are more holidaymakers about, but the Helston shop is performing the same as my other two shops this week and is actually up on last year, not counting today.

"In all honesty, it's such a difference. I've got the figures and I can see our footfall has quadrupled.

"I hope everybody is feeling the same, because that's what we all need now."

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After previously reporting to the Packet a drop in trade of up to 70 per cent, Ben Faulkener of Helston Shop Locally said things were now "slowly picking up."

He said: "I have noticed a few more people coming in now. Everyone is still worried [about going out], it's just one of those things. But ever since they took away the road block there are more and more people.

"Most of my customers were the older generation, 40-plus drivers, stopping off, doing their shopping and going again. As soon as they put in the block they were going to Tesco and Lidl to park outside."

Sadly not all the businesses have reported seeing a difference as a result of the road reopening.

Gillian Geer, who owns Gillian's Larder, said: "For me it had no effect at all. I wish it did, but it didn't.

"Most cars are just driving straight through to Porthleven.

"It wasn't good before and it still isn't good."

In response to some comments on social media that shops needed to be open more to get trade, she said she was trying to stay open longer if there were people around, but added that she can often "sit here for hours" without seeing anyone.