Falmouth Town Council's anti-social behaviour facilities team have been engaged throughout the town removing extensive graffiti over the last few weeks.

Last month Andy Medlin, the facilities manager, told a meeting of the grounds, facilities & environment committee that they had experienced unprecedented levels of ASB throughout the town but particularly Kimberley Park and Prince of Wales Pier toilets.

He said in the park there had been vandalism of play equipment and graffiti on play equipment, toilets and trees. Trees were being damaged and requiring removal.

Toilet damage included smashed doors, fires internally and graffiti. He said elements of this were identified on daily basis with it being worse at the weekends.

In July last year the toilets had to be closed because of persistent vandalism. In June this year they were closed early because of the vandalism

He said there had been significant gathering of youths in play areas restricting the use of area by families as the environment has been described as "threatening".

At the Prince of Wales Toilet there had been evidence of expansive drug and alcohol use on daily basis with early evenings described as a no-go area for general public.

He said the toilets appear to be a focal point for various deviant activities.

He said on one occasion youths had forced their way in while a cleaner was self-locked in cleaning it, causing extensive damage.


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In his report to the committee this Monday, Mr Medlin says vandalism reduced in June primarily due to increased footfall around park and toilets related to shanty and armed forces weekend.

He said there had been fortnightly meetings with Neighbourhood Police teams which have identified continuing issues with pre-arranged youth group meetings at Queen Mary Gardens and Prince of Wales Pier. He said these areas continue to be the subject of increased patrols.

He said the Community Engagement Officer is co-ordinating volunteer youth groups in order to raise the profile of these sites and undertake planting and redecoration activities.