A production inspired by the Lizard Peninsula environment will come to Helston this month - and it's free for locals and their families. 

On Saturday, November 18 ‘Deep Time Moving’ will premiere at Epworth Hall in Helston at 2pm and 7pm and is free of charge for locals and their families thanks to funding provided by Cornwall Council, FEAST and Arts Council England.

The production was conceived by choreographer Kyra Norman and is inspired by the landscape, rocks and history of the Lizard Peninsula. Kyra said: “These rocks have the remarkable knack of being so bold the ‘wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time’ and celebrated for it.

“From the specifics of rocks, routes and remembering each Deep Time Moving event opens out into broader conversations about what it might mean to belong: to a place, to a time, to a community.”  


The 2pm show will be performed in a ‘relaxed’ family-friendly format where noise and movement are welcome.

However, audience members are asked to remain in their seats for the 7pm show which is expected to be more immersive and atmospheric.

The audience can expect sounds from out on the cliffs and under the Atlantic Ocean, costumes and movements inspired by rocks, water, and rituals. Spoken word and printed resources are integrated, referencing geological stories and histories of the ground beneath our feet on the Lizard Peninsula.

The project producer of Deep Time Moving, Liz Howell said: “Deep Time Moving brings together visual arts, community consultation, dance and science in a contemporary and yet very local way.

“We have undertaken a creative research and development process which has informed every element of the piece.

“Rooted on the Lizard, we have worked with schools, arts institutions, museums and local people.

“We hope the performances are only the start of a longer exploration into creative relationships we can all build with our Cornish landscape.”

Tickets are limited and allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Tickets are now available via www.deeptimemoving.co.uk.