Fans of Moosh Mallows tuned into Channel 4 on Tuesday evening to see if the award-winning product would be stocked in Aldi stores across the UK.

Cornwall confectioner Teagan Rowlands-Bryant appeared on Channel 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing last night where she competed against four other UK confectioners to secure a place for their products on the supermarket shelves.

During the programme, the competitor's products are presented to the managing director of buying at Aldi UK Julie Ashfield, who is joined by broadcaster Anita Rani and TV presenter Chris Bavin.

With her cocktail-inspired marshmallows placed on a tray, Teagan was first called to present her products to the three.

Falmouth Packet: Julie Ashfield from Aldi with presenters Chris Bavin and Anita RaniJulie Ashfield from Aldi with presenters Chris Bavin and Anita Rani (Image: Aldi's Next Big Thing)

Julie commented on the look of the marshmallows saying how beautiful they looked and complimented their firm but bouncy texture.

After tasting the first one, Anita said the marshmallows were “so, so good” with presenter Chris also complimenting their light and airy texture.

Teagan then waited patiently for the other confectioners to present their products to the three, before being told if she had made the next round.

Falmouth Packet: Teagan appearing on the show Teagan appearing on the show (Image: Aldi's Next Big Thing)

After an advert break, Teagan was told she had made it through to the final two.

Teagan was emotional after hearing the good news and explained on camera what it meant to her. She said: “It’s quite big, because it’s just been me, and I’ve not always had the confidence in it. So, this is quite massive; it means a lot.”

In the next segment of the programme, viewers were taken to Teagan’s home in Helston where she was experimenting with new flavours - something which Julie suggested, calling for a second texture.

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Teagan decided to give honeycomb and chocolate marshmallow ago, however, she was concerned it would turn out to be a ‘puddly mess’.

Following on from her experiment, Teagan met with Anita at the only factory in the UK making artisan marshmallows in large volumes.

Falmouth Packet: The award winning Lemon Moosh Pie

After their visit, the pair discussed how the factory could help provide a solution to Teagan’s production volume.

Anita asked Teagan asked if she wanted to win, to which she replied: “Yeah, I really want to win it.”

Following the final advert break, Teagan, along with her husband Joel, faced Julie for a final time to find out if Moosh Mallows would be stocked on shelves in Aldi.

Despite all her hard work and effort, the Aldi partnership went to chocolate and nut cluster producer Cluster Club instead, although Julie revealed what a close call it had been and one of the hardest decisions yet.

Although a sad outcome, Teagan said she felt “proud of herself”, adding that the whole experience had been a massive learning curve.

To see the full episode visit Channel 4 On Demand and search for Aldi’s Next Big Thing.